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Save significant workforce in defensive security. Automate, improve response time and manage incidents more efficiently.

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Who we are

Synapsa Networks has developed intelligent software tools for cyber security automation. Our founders have many years of experience in the field of cyber security and Enterprise Network Operations. The main areas of expertise have been derived from Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR), Adaptive Security Architecture (ASA) and Incident Response Automation.

What we do

Synapsa Networks focuses on cyber security automation to prevent human error failures. Provides interconnection between detection & monitoring platforms and mitigation tools in computer networks environment. In addition provides automated security policy ruleset enforcement. Synapsa solutions take advantage from the synergy of machine and human expertise.

Why we do this

FTE savings

- Significant SecOps workforce savings in defensive security


- Built-in interconnection for detection & incident response

Incident Handling

- Rapid time reduction for Incident Management and Enforcement policies


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Threat Recognition

Synapsa identifies the cyber security threat, the attacker or faulty policy from network security tools and relevant data sources.

Automated Mitigation

Synapsa immediately applies rules on firewalls, automatically blocks the threat and notifies the SecOps team for forensics.

Security policy audit

Synapsa constantly checks for the accuracy of firewall security rules, automatically removes faulty ones and notifies SecOps team.

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