Product description

Ticketee is a ticketing system that provides first-class customer service.

Here you can easily and quickly insert individual requests, which will be processed and subsequently solved by an agent team.
For the customer it only means enter the relevant problem, describe the condition, character of the defect, technical requirements and authorized professionals will contact them to submit solutions and help with the elimination of defects.

Ticketee is a help desk with many features. This system includes a continuous overview of the ticket status according to the set ticketflow, the possibility of assigning tasks to individual solving teams or sorting according to the type of problem, detailed reporting, leads, road map and many others.

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Running on:

Up to 5 users (cloud)

Over 5 users (cloud)


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Current version available is 1.1

Ticketee is a cloud installation running on our secured servers. If you wish to run Ticketee on your own server, please contact our support team.