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About the app

Get a simple attendance system for your business! The Timeee tool will be appreciated by every company that is looking for a system for its daily activities to report work and record the activities of its employees.

App Features

Timeee is a practical tool designed to manage and report all work activities. This unique software offers the ability to monitor and structure the type and content of work, assign work activities to individual projects and define the time spent on them. This sophisticated tool offers easy holiday request creation, a user-friendly approval system and detailed statistics.

What you will find in Timeee:

Working Hours

  • track the status of your working hours
  • export data


  • create any number of projects
  • check the total working time on every project
  • see the current status
  • add project tasks and orders


  • manage clients' orders for your specialists at the bodyshop initiative
  • track the amount of MDs (Man Days) left
  • know the start dates and deadlines

Calendar Management

  • create separate calendars
  • add any type of events for your calendars

User Management

  • manage users in your calendars
  • create groups of users
  • view the list of your clients


Create a report with the following data:

  • projects
  • users, holidays
  • clients & orders
  • specific report
  • issues

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Upfront Fee: Trial available

Recurring Fee: starting from 5.00€


Last updated: 2021-11-16


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